Young and Naive

I reckon that this is exactly what the realtor representing Castletown was thinking when we started talking to us about buying our old house (see The Street that Castletown Bought for more details).

In the weekend newspaper they listed some of the houses around Townsville that had been sold for over $500,000 in the last three years (we weren’t on that list). We discovered that our neighbour, who had the exact same land size as us, had sold his house for nearly double what we had sold our for. This was despite the realestate agent trying to convice us up to the last minute that we wouldn’t even get what we wanted for our house.

I am certainly not ungrateful that we have been able to move closer to our friends and work, and that we are able to renovate our new house. It has been an amazing testimony to us of God’s faithfulness. What it does do is leave me with a strong distrust of realestate agents whose motivating factor is only $$$, despite stating otherwise…

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