Find a Trademan Anywhere in Australia with BANGitUP Australia

I just came across a service that appears to make it easy to find a builder or tradesman anywhere in Australia from one web-site. You write down your details, and a few details of the job, and the request is then sent by SMS to various contractors around your area.

The first three tradesmen to respond are then put on a list for you to look at and you can then contact them directly to organize a face to face meeting. None of your details are sent to them, it’s up to you if you contact them or not. The details that you get on the list includes references, which can be helpful.

They claim to have over 40,000 tradesmen in their database, so it looks like it should cover a lot of areas, and best of all, it looks like it’s free!

You can check out at BANGitUP Australia – Trade Select.

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  1. Danial Ahchow

    To all of you lovely renovators out there you might also be interested in Service Central. It is a free service that finds and contacts tradespeople for you. Simply tell us what you require, how many quotes you would like, and when you’re starting, and we’ll have the right people call you back. Takes no time to register a job, its free, its efficient, its transparent (you can view feedback from previous users of the contractors that have quoted on your job EBAY style), and most importantly its Australian!

    Cheers from the Service Central team –

  2. Scott Maxworthy

    Ladies and gents thanks for the post.

    Yes the service is FREE to users.

    *Most importantly your personal details are not sent out to hundreds of unknown tradesmen.

    *You get a report of trades that reply – their licenses, insurances etc

    *BANGitUP is proudly 100% owned and developed.

    For customer testimonials

    Scott Maxworthy
    CEO – on behalf of the BANGitUP team

  3. David El Kaim is a similar service that offers 5 FREE quotes.

    – QuoteConnect is mainly for businesses (jobs under $500 are usually not accepted)

    – QuoteConnect selects the most reliable providers in each area

    – You are asked answer a questionnaire and detail your needs and/or upload files (drawings, etc), so you only get accurate quotes from contractors who are aware of your request,

    – You can get quotes for about 200 other services in this one single website.

    If you’d like to submit a request, visit now!

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