Still can’t move in…

We were supposed to be able to move in this afternoon, but because of delays that they have had with getting the house lifted we are now having to be out of the house for an extra three nights.

This is getting to be a bit frustrating as originally we were told we would be out for three weeks by some contractors that we used to be using (but not anymore, long story but the short version is here: Bad Townsville Contractors…). Then we were told to be out for only one night, then just as they started we had to be out for four nights, and now it’s a full week.

If we aren’t able to move in by Monday then we will be in a bit of trouble as we won’t have any accomodation. Our only option might be to bunk with Tamara’s parents. But we will need to negotiate with them first. I figure since I helped them move in on Tuesday they might help us out…

Also Tamara has been told that the baby is quite large and she might come early. Since we are now less then a month from her due date that could mean that the baby comes before we can even move in, which is what we were desperately trying to avoid. Caleb is also getting unsettled with everything since we are all in the same room right now and we are also trying to get him used to the fact that he is going to be a big brother.

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