Day 5 of the House Lift – Installing the I-Beams

As we left the house at 7:00 on Monday morning the truck arrived with three absolutely massive I-Beams to span the length of the house for the raise and restump of the house. They used the crain on the back of the truck and position the steel under the house as much as possible. Below are some photos of them getting the steel under the house:

Steel Going Under for Raise and Restump

Steel Bracing for the House Lift

Three Steel Beems under the House for Raise and Restump

While they were knocking the walls down they actually discovered that instead of the block walls being filled with concrete they were instead mostly full of beer cans. To be precise they were Castlemain XXXX Gold beer with labels from the 1982 Commonwealth Games, which made me laugh a bit. I also picked up a few pop cans from that era, including a Coke can with a pull tab lid…

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