Day 2 of the House Lift

Sorry that these are a bit late. We ended up having to spend a good chunk of Tuesday night at the hospital as my son Caleb was having problems breathing. The doctor was thinking that it was because of a cold that he had but that it could also indicate asthma, which would really suck. I had asthma as a kid and it’s not a fun thing to have to deal with…

Back to the house though.

When I first got home from work on Tuesday it didn’t look like there was much change from Monday besides the front stairs being removed. After taking a closer look at it though I could see that they had started to install the steel joists on the bottom of the house to strengthen it and start to level it a bit.

Below are the photos for this…

New Steel Cross Beams Under the House
Some of the new cross beams under the house

No Front Stairs on the House Anymore
There are no more stairs up the front of our house anymore…

House Raise and Restump Day 2 - Under the House
A view of under the house, there are a few new holes in the wall

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