Buying Shares at Bunnings

A few friends of mine have joked that I really should have purchased shares at Bunnings before I started doing all my renovations. Bunnings is pretty much the Australian version of Revy (for you Canadians) or Home Depot.

Although we did not purchase those shares, which I sort of wish I had now, we did get a credit card that gives us a point for every dollar that we spend. We can then transfer those points onto our frequent flier program with Qantas, which is a pretty good deal. By putting every expense that we can on our credit card, not only our renovations but also our every day expenses, we were able to fly Tamara and Caleb down to Adelaide for half price when I did the move from our old house to this one.

Now just to clarify things a little, we only use the credit card to spend money that we have and we pay it off every month so that we don’t have to pay interest on it. As long as we do that this credit card deal works pretty well for us.

I actually read about a pretty good little deal on a credit card in the US that is specifically designed for renovators. Basically it gives a refund of 1% on all your purchases, but if you use it at a home improvement store you get back 3%.

You can read more about that credit card deal here, A Credit Card with Home Improvement Rewards.

2 Replies to “Buying Shares at Bunnings”

  1. brem

    Never heard of Revy and I’m Canadian… but we have Home Depot… and Reno Depot and Rona and the such.

    I’d love to be able to go in there and take whatever I needed without paying.

    *wakes up*

  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    Yeah, well, um, I’ve been living in Australia for almost 8-years now, so things have probably changed a bit. We used to have one on McLeod Trail in Calgary…

    After doing a bit of searching it seems that in 2001 Revy and Rona “joined forces”. This was after I left, hence my confusion…

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