The Renovation Bug

Ever since Tamara and I have owned a house (only 2.5 years now) we have been renovating. Our first house we fully painted, re-did the floors, insulated the ceiling, renovated the bathroom, replaced all the doors and added a deck. This house we are doing a lot more, as you can read on the rest of this site.

Well it seems that renovation bug is contageous and has even been caught by my parents…

They have been living in the same house for about 20-years now in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The completely renovated the basement and did some medium size work in the kitchen before, but now they are renovating the entire living area upstairs to open it up from three seperate areas to one large open area. The drawings that renderings that they have sent to us have looked pretty amazing so far.

They will be starting this about the same time that we start having our house lifted so next time we go back to Canada to visit is sure is going to be a big change for us…

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