Mystery of the Dead Grass – Solved…

Just before the previous owners sold their house they put new turn / sod down in the back yard. We have been quite diligent in watering the lawn but this one patch just died, and no amount of watering helped. The patch seemed to have very square corners a fairly straight edges, so I thought that maybe that was where the put all the turn when they bought it and it had crushed the grass, or something like that. I even asked the neighbour and he couldn’t remember anything ever being there, and he couldn’t think of anything.

So last weekend we went out to purchase some grass seed and fertilizer. We found out that the kind of grass that we have, buffalo grass, can’t be planted with seeds, you need to get actual turf / sod and lay it because it’s a “creeping” grass, or something like that. All the places that sold turf were closed on the weekends so instead I purchased a pitch fork so that I could try aerating that part of the lawn and maybe apply some of the fertilizer that I already had. When I finally went to poke the holes in the ground I wound up and “twang“, I hit something very hard. I tried again somewhere else thinking that it was a rock and again, “twang“, the same thing happened.

That’s when I started to poke around the turf more carefully and I discovered a pattern that you might recognize below:

Dead Patch of Grass 01 Dead Patch of Grass 02

So then I started to dig and scrape and poke around that part of the yard a bit more. And you know what I uncovered?

Dead Grass - The Reason? A Concrete Pad!

A concrete pad the perfect size for a garden shed!

We eventually want a garden shed, but definately not there near the middle of the back yard. We were thinking in the back left corner of the yard.

I guess that the previous owners just decided to stick the turf on top of it, either hoping that the grass would grow with just the soil attached to the roots, or just trying to hide it from the sucker buyers, namely me. So now I’ll have to break it up and haul it off to the dump, then I’ll have to purchase new soil and turn to stick down where this pad was. Bummer…

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