Bad Townsville Contractors & Dismantled Deck In the Garden

The contractors that we had hired almost didn’t the deck down in time from the old house. They didn’t show up for work on time and didn’t take advantage of the days without any rain to pull down the deck. Instead they left it to the last available three days when it was pouring rain (a very heavy tropic storm) to get done. Then they went ahead and told me that they had been out the night before until after 3:00am at the casino. It didn’t instill a lot of confidence…

Dismantled Deck sitting in the Garden Bed

In the end they delivered the pieces of our deck into our back yard on the last possible day. Although we had considered using them for the building that needs to happen under the house after it is lifted I have lost all confidence in them and won’t be hiring them, even if they come in with a very cheap quote. They could definitely talk a good game, but they just didn’t deliver.

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