Painted – Bathroom

Continuing on with my series of before and after photos from us painting and moving into our new house here are some images of the Bathroom:

Bathroom before Painting
Bathroom before Tamara Left
Bathroom before Painting
Bathroom after Painting

In the photo we painted the corrugated iron white as when it was unpainted we found it to be extremely over powering. We also added a towel rail, changed the toilet roll holder and replaced the timber venetian blind with a white aluminium venetian blind.

My original plan was to also replace the vanity with a new timber one and ivory top to match the bath and the other timber in the bathroom. Unfortunately when I was doing this while Tamara was away most of the shops here in Townsville, or their distributors, were closed for Christmas and New Years.

And yes, that is a spa bath…

2 Replies to “Painted – Bathroom”

  1. Laurie

    WOW! Great paint selection. I also like the way you painted the embellishments at the top (I can’t think of what they’re called). Gorgeous. Makes me want to visit Australia – I’ve never seen a house quite like yours…it’s gorgeous!!

  2. Disabled baths

    Good paint but i did not like the bathroom as it is too congested, is not? but i have solution for all congestedor tightly washrooms. just get install a disable baths as it will cover minimum area with shower and bath space or in safe bath for all kid, young and senior people. Just try it.

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