Advantage of Older Communities

I have noticed with increasing regularity the growth of home and the shrinking of the housing lots that they are built on.

I was flipping through my Queensland Homes magazine subscription that I got as a gift for Christmas and I notice advertising for a new gated community where the houses were quite big, but the lots in comparison were tiny… The new communities here in Townsville are pretty much the same with the sizes of their lots.

You can see what I mean on their web-site, Park Avenue Residences.

I have found that in most of the older communities the housing lots seem to be bigger.  In fact most of the ones in the community that I live in are 1/4 acre (1024 m2) or 800 m2. Our block is about half that at 500 m2, but it still leaves room for a big backyard, which you can see on my previous post Our Back Yard.

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