Our Front Veranda…

I love the look of the enterance way on the front of our house. It’s got a nice glass door with 10 glass panels in the centre leading down the main hallway and then two french doors, one on either side. It sure give the house a lot of character along with the nice front varanda.

Front Veranda Doors

The stairs leading up to the front varanda are pretty unique as well as they actually wind through the palm trees. When Tamara gets back and we are finally actually living in the house I will put up some close up photos of the front of the house and the staircase.

In one of my previous posts, Security and Fly Screens, you can read how we put on a screen door on the main (centre) door. For some reason so many houses here are not screened, even though there are a lot of miscitoes and even a few airborn diseases that they can carry. I’ve never really understood that.

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  1. Harender singh

    I want the exterior design of complete house ( front veranda, portico, window outer shelves, colour, gate.

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