Plans in to Council

With the help of the contractor doing the house lifting we have now submitted our preliminary plans to the Townsville City Council for the raise, restump and building in of our house.

Our plans actually have to go through Town Planning despite us pulling our garage under the original roof line, as I wrote about in “New Floorplan for the House“. It seems that the house is less then the regulation 6 metres from the front boundary and even though we are not changing the location of the house Town planning still needs to see and aprove the plans. Bit of a pain but the house lifting contractor thinks that we should be able to have it through some time this week, which would be great.

We are still waiting on the engineering plans to get to us, but City Council doesn’t need that until Town Planning has approved it anyways…

Let’s just wait and see what happens this week.

Painted – Lounge Room

Continuing on with my series of before and after photos from us painting and moving into our new house here are some images of the Lounge Room:

Lounge Room before Tamara Left
Lounge Room after we painted and moved in

In the after photo you can see the halogen lights that we installed in both the living room and the dining room. We picked them up from Bunnings for about $60.00 each and they just attached onto the existing sockets which made them real easy to get installed.

Painted – Dining Room

As I wrote in my previous post “Surprise”, and Tamara wrote in the previous post “Why is there Donkey in my House?”, when Tamara was down in Adelaide thinking that I was just moving house I was also painting the main living area of the house. I had a huge amount of help from an army of friends from Reef to Outback as well, whom I really can’t than enough.

This week I’ll be posting photos of the house from before Tamara left, and after Tamara got back. I’ll start today with these photos of our dining room:

Dining Room Before Tamara Left
Dining Room after we painted and moved in