Soft Screws

As I have been working on the house there are few things that really frustrate me. As such I have added a category called “Renovation Frustrations”. I’ll be writing different things that I find frustrating in doing my renovations in this category.

So the first one is “Soft Screws”.

These are the screws that you get with flat packs or in my case DIY blinds that I was mounting in the front two rooms of our house.

Because I am screwing into actual timber, not plaster or drywall, I have to apply a fair bit of force to get the screws in. I choose to do it by hand because I can usually control the force better that way but even with pre-drilling the holes I STILL managed to strip at least one of the screws that came in the packaging.

I don’t know if anyone else out there has this problem, or if it’s just an Australian thing (I don’t think so though), but let me know in the comments…

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  1. Ken

    Soft Screws
    Yes Bill,can be frustrating but never heard of it happening while screwing into timber unless overtightened.. But the screws that come with kits these days are not usually of the highest quality .
    The wood screws should have more thread on them than the metal self tapping pk type screws and therefore you can afford to have the drill hole a little bit bigger and this will alleviate overtightening and chance of stripping thread or busting off the top of screw.
    Maybe Caleb could help as he doesnt have as much strength as you,ha ha
    Anyway,hope things progress satisfactorily for you all,Ken

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