Out of the House for Three Weeks!!!

When we enquired about lifting our old house we were told the we had to be out of the house for 8-hours during the actual lifting, but other than that and a couple of hours here and there we would be fine to keep living in the house. With that in mind we have been planning to lift the house as soon as possible, which looks like mid-March to mid-April.

Last week though we were told that we actually have to be out of the house for three weeks during the lifting! That’s quite a change from the 8-hours that we were told by the company we talked to a few years ago. To top it off our new baby is due to be born on April 14th!

If you check out my previous article, House Lifting and Restumping Schedule, you can see a step by step guide to how the house will be lifted. We will need to be out of the house for steps 8 – 12 (maybe 13), which is about 3 – 4 weeks worth of work. That’s of course if everything goes to plan and there isn’t any adverse weather…

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  1. Twilightmama

    Wow, that’s quite a period of time to be out of the house, especially with baby on the way! But how exciting…well worth it! Here’s hoping that the weather cooperates!


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