House Lifting and Restumping Schedule

What I thought was going to be an easy process looks now like it will be taking a lot longer and be a lot more involved then I thought. Here are the steps that we are going to have to go through before the house is even enclosed under:

  1. Architect still needs to complete the plans (this is a lot more complex than I thought it would be and is taking over two weeks now for completion)
  2. Plans from Architect need to go to the Engineer who needs to take soil samples and check the structural integrity of the house as well as working out the structural needs of the new stumps and beams
  3. Plans need to go back to the Architect for any changes that need to be made for structural purposes
  4. Architect plans and Engineering plans need to be submitted to Townsville City Council for approval (minimum 6-week wait, but probably longer because of Christmas)
  5. Architect and Engineer may need to make changes to suit council requirements
  6. Resubmit to council if needed
  7. Plans go back to contractor who will be lifting the house
  8. Builder will come in and put three steel beams down the length of the house to support it as the old bricks and stumps that currently support the house are knocked out and removed and the old slab is also removed
  9. House is jacked up to about 3.5 metres above the ground
  10. New beams and stumps installed and left to set
  11. House is lowered onto new stumps
  12. New Stairs are built
  13. New slab laid under house
  14. Now finally at this stage it can be enclosed under

All of this is going to take them about six months from when we got someone to do it for us. The timing could be pretty bad as they will start about the middle of March and it will take them at least three weeks to get the job done. Our baby is due in mid-April. So we sure are cutting it close…

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  2. sfreddson2156

    I never realized that restumping was such a complicated process! How long to do all of these logistics generally take? Most people that need restumping are generally in dire need due to safety issues. Are some people expected to leave their home for a long period of time while the foundation is repaired? Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

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