Replacing the Upstairs Windows

We are replacing four older windows upstairs windows with new ones. One of the windows that we are replacing is an old timber double casement window that doesn’t quite work right anymore.

Old Double Casement Lounge Room Window

We are replacing that one with a single casement window that will match the double casement that the previous owners installed next to it.

New Double Casement Lounge Room Window

The other three windows that we are replacing are old sash or double hung windows that we are replacing with new double hung aluminium windows.

Old Double Hung Bed Room Window

I actually agonized over what kind of windows to get to replace the timber double hung. I even considered repairing and restoring the old windows, but I was too worried they would be unsafe for the kids. In the end we chose to go with what looked good and was in line with the period the home was built, but that was more economical and practical with the aluminium framed windows instead of timber.

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  2. jillbaker

    Me and my partner love your blog! We are actually renovating a heritage home in Melbourne where we had to replace all of our timber windows as they were old and rotten. 

    We decided to go for UPVC window frames with double glazed glass. UPVC frames are great as they come in many varieties and can be made to look exactly like our old heritage windows which are made of timber, however they are thermally efficient and require no maintenance! 

    We used a company called Ecostar Double Glazing! They were great. Not sure if they do window replacements in Queensland or Adelaide, but you can check it out here: 

    Good luck with the rest of your renovations 🙂 


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