The Street that Castletown Bought

I was quite suprised when I looked over at the news stand last week and saw a picture of my street with the headline “The Street that Castletown Bought” plaster on the front page! I was tempted to buy a half dozen copies and send them to friends with our house circled.

So that’s why we sold our house. We hadn’t planned to at all, for us it was meant to be a long term investment. But the shopping centre next door wanted room for a new car park, and we were in the way.

Tamara and I often joke that we should have put in the contract that they had to build a Starbucks or Tim Hortons where our old place was/is. That way we could take our son there and tell him “See right next to the espresso machine, that was where you took your first steps..”.

But instead there will probably be a slab of concrete where our house once stood…

I heard rumors that there were plans up of the house in the management office at the shopping centre, so I hope to pop over there next week and check them out. If I can I will take some photos and stick them on here for you. I’ll even try to mark off where our house currently stands.

(update: I found the story on the Townsville Bulletin site, which you can read here: Townsville Bulletin: Street that Castletown bought)

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