Lifting our House

The largest project that we are undertaking with our house renovations is to lift our house. By lifting it we will be effectively doubling our available floor space. We have been talking to 5 different contractors about raising the house and so far the quotes have varied by about 25%! They all seem to offer us the same service, but there is a huge discrepancy in price.

When we have decided which contractor we go with to raise and restump our house we’ll post on here their details so that you have a good place to start.

3 Replies to “Lifting our House”

  1. deborah

    Hi Bill,

    I am considering the same option instead of building up a story rather lifting the house and building under. If you find a good contractor I’d love to hear.


  2. deborah

    Thanks Bill,

    I’m in the Northern Beaches Sydney. I have left a message for Gary to see if he has any Sydney recommendations. I’ll check out the home improvements pages you have suggested.
    Thanks very much

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